Research Projects

(A) Engineering and Computational Mathematics
Leaders: Prof. Cheong-ki Chan (PolyU) and Prof. Li Yuan (AMSS).

Co-Leader: Prof. Yan-ping Lin (PolyU)

(1) Integrable reductions in nonlinear continuum mechanics via geometric constraints

(2) Combustion and pollutant transport.

(3) Differential equations for structural oscillation and pounding

(4) Saddle point problems

(5) Diffusion tensor and diffusion kurtosis in biomedical engineering

(6) Fracture Behaviors of Polymer Composites under Low Temperature

(7) An Investigation of Transport and Reaction of Air Pollution in Narrow and Busy Streets Using Large Eddy Simulation

(8) Effect of Isotropic Turbulence on Premixed Combustion

(9) Study of Turbulent Combustion Using an Improved Stochastic Separated Flow Model

(10) Numerical Investigation on the Interaction between Particles and Eddies in Gas Particle Flows behind a Backward-Facing Step

(11) Numerical Study of Burning Rate of Premixed Turbulent Combustion

(12) Study of Turbulent Combustion by means of Large Eddy Simulation


(B) Operations Research / Management Science
Leaders: Prof. Xiao-qi Yang (PolyU) and Prof. Shouyang Wang (AMSS).
Co-Leader: Dr. Chi-kin Chan(PolyU).

(1) Delivery Scheduling of Joint Replenishments in a Single-vendor Multi-buyer Supply Chain

(2) Dynamic Programming Approach with Genetic Algorithm Approach to the Manpower Planning Problem

(3) Co-ordinated Single-vendor Multi-buyer Inventory Models

(4) On Systems of Vector Equilibrium Problems

(5) Containment Strategy for the SARS Epidemic via Optimal Links Removal in the Logical Topology of Small World Network Model

(6) Generalized and Inverse Network Flow Problems for Manufacturing Management Systems

(7) Supply Chain Modeling and Network Optimization

(8) Development of Operations Research Models for the Feasibility Study of Automated Passenger/Vehicle Clearance Projects

(9) Nonlinear least square problems


(C) Financial Mathematics and Applied Statistics
Leaders: Dr. Heung Wong (PolyU) and Prof. Min Chen (AMSS).
Co-Leader: Dr. Cedric, Yiu Ka-fai. (PolyU).

(1) Local Polynomial Regression Estimation of State-price Density for Risk Management

(2) Model Checking Problems in Economic and Financial Time Serie

(3) Testing for Heteroscedasticity and Structural Changes in Economic Time Series by Wavelets

(4) Gender differences in relations between suicide and social factors; and Suicide among Hong Kong adolescents

(5) Chinese Childrenˇ¦s Bereavement Reactions and its Risk on their Quality of Life

(6) EQ Student Ambassador Project: A Double School Based Community Volunteer Service

(7) Missing older persons with cognitive impairment: Understanding the behavior and developing an effective search strategy

(8) Random Number Generation Using Vertical Density Representation (VDR) Method

(9) Benchmark Cost Estimation in the Multi-driver Multi-cost Pool Case

(10) Parameter Estimation of the Weibull Probability Distribution

(11) The Impact of Air Pollution on Public Health - A Regional Analysis

(12) Northern China Water Resources Safety Problems

(13) A Probabilistic Fuzzy Regression Approach for Process Modeling and Optimization with Application to Epoxy Dispensing

(14) Regularization of superprocesses of stochastic flows


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